Azalea Asset Management
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Azalea Asset Management is in the business of investing in private equity (“PE”), with a focus on the development and innovation of new investment platforms and products. Its goal is to bring private assets to a wider investor base through a phased approach, starting with PE. Azalea is committed to investor education. It believes that that investors should be well-educated about investment products and understand the risks and rewards associated to make sound investment decisions.

The Azalea Group owns equity interests in Astrea I, Astrea II, Astrea III, Astrea IV and Astrea V. Azalea launched Astrea III in June 2016, bringing to Singapore its first listed private equity bonds (“PE bonds”), and in 2018, launched Singapore's first listed retail PE Bond, Astrea IV, in a landmark transaction aiming to broaden the investor base for private equity. In June 2019, Azalea launched Astrea V which was a continuing step to bring retail investors in Singapore closer to private equity through listed retail PE bonds. 

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