Latest Distribution Report

Key Highlights of Semi-Annual Distribution Report for the period 1 April 2018 to 14 December 2018

Distribution Reference Date: 30 November 2018

Key Highlights

  • The Astrea IV Portfolio started the First Distribution Period with an audited NAV as of 31 March 2018 of US$1,098m.
  • When the underlying investments held by PE funds are marked-to-market, any appreciation/depreciation will result in a change in NAV.
  • During the period, the portfolio value appreciated by US$83m. Therefore, the total Portfolio NAV and Fair Value (“FV”) gains at the end of the period was US$1,181m.
  • During the period, US$169m of distributions were received from the PE Funds while US$35m was invested through capital calls.
  • The net distributions of US$134m were applied to the Priority of Payments.
  • These cash flow movements resulted in an ending Portfolio NAV of US$1,047m.
  • At the start of the period, the total Undrawn Capital Commitments of the PE Funds was US$168m. As of 30 November 2018, the total Undrawn Capital Commitments was reduced to US$134m.

Note: All Portfolio NAV numbers presented are unaudited except for 31 Mar 2018

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