Innovating Private Equity

Astrea III

The first listed bond in Singapore backed by
cash flows from Private Equity Funds

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Ratings Updates

LATEST: S&P upgrades Class A-1 Notes to A+ (sf)

Class A-1 Notes upgraded by Fitch to A+sf

Semi-Annual Report to Noteholders for Distribution Date 8 July 2017

• NAV of $1,052m
• Total reserves of $207m, exceeding Class A-1 Notes principal amount
• Bonus Redemption Premium for Class A-1 Notes fully reserved
• The Issuer met its interest obligations
• The Maximum LTV Ratio was not exceeded

Private Equity

An asset class that invests in private companies with the objective of adding value through operational and financial management


Fullerton Fund Management Company, a well-established investment management company in Singapore, is the manager of Astrea III


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